Horsebox Trailers

Horsebox Trailers

Our design experience utilising the latest durable materials has enabled us to produce a stylish range of horsebox trailers, which combine low unladen weight, exceptional strength, good aerodynamics and stable towing characteristics.

The chassis and frames are all hot dipped galvanised steel with a semi-monocoque construction, allowing a low floor height and a lower centre of gravity than our competitors, also providing increased ground clearance, less unladen weight and an extra 3” headroom within the same overall height.
All trailers have Avonride soft ride fully independent rubber suspension with automatic reversing brakes and a hydraulically damped hitch with a power-assisted handbrake, a front telescopic jockey wheel, and a spare wheel.

The sides of our horsebox trailers are panelled with specially manufactured glass fibre/plywood laminated panels, galvanised steel kicking panels, and vacuum-formed flexible padding panels.
The floor is manufactured with a 22cm wide 2mm galvanised steel section down both sides where maximum strength and rot resistance are required. The centre section is a rot-proof plastic floor panel that is strong, solid, and silent, offering total security. A full aluminium plank floor is an option. The stalls have two 18mm removable rubber floor mats that lift out to allow the floor to dry during washing and for periodic inspection. The front floor section and ramps are bonded with reinforced non-slip rubber matting.

The roof is heat-reflecting white plastic-coated galvanised steel. It has a moulded glass fibre front section and a sizeable vacuum-formed window incorporating a ventilator. Ventilation is also provided on each side and over the rear doors.

Divisions are galvanised steel with flexible padding panels and reinforced rubber kicking skirts. They are hinged on a central post on all front-unload models. The front and rear bars are fully padded and adjustable for height and remain attached to the division, out of the way of the horses during loading and unloading.

All trailers have a high-standard specification and are fully equipped with a unique coupling mirror. This mirror lets the driver see the trailer hitch during coupling, eliminating missing alignment and damaged bumpers. An interior lamp, hitch lock, internal and external tying rings, and spare wheel are all standard. A saddle rack and cover are fitted to Deauville models, and a lockable tack cupboard is fitted to Ascot models.

American-style rear doors with a pull-out ramp are an option on front unload models. These are very common in Europe and are becoming more popular in the UK. They are easier to load and make the trailer more versatile.

Full-width front and rear bars are also available for use with the divisions removed. A mare and foal can be transported at the owner’s discretion, but extra security should be provided for the groom’s door, which is designed to open from the inside for safety and convenience. Other options include: A hinged head divider panel, An easy-to-fit wheel clamp and the graphics stripe is available in yellow, red, green, black, blue, or pink.

A removable aluminium bulkhead gate and ramp side gates can also be offered to allow the transportation of sheep and other small livestock, fully complying with the Transportation of Animals Act and increasing the trailer’s versatility.

New horse trailers are available directly from the factory and are no longer available through our dealer network.

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