About us

A family run company with an established history and a wealth of experience

Our Company was formed in 1934 at the very beginning of the trailer industry,  we have gained a wealth of experience and produced many thousands of trailers for all purposes and we are now one of the larger manufacturers in the UK. Our design experience, having produced possibly every type of trailer, has allowed us to develop a range of approximately 100 standard models to suit most applications. All trailers combine exceptional strength with a low unladen weight and excellent stable towing characteristics.

We are constantly developing new models and designs with particular regard to weight distribution, towing vehicle loads and towing capacities, in order to improve safety and comply with ever more complex regulations. There are certain trailers that we will not produce if we feel that they cannot be operated safely or legally.

Uncompromising standards, unrivalled value

We offer an excellent after sales service. We can discuss and advise what parts are required and spares can be despatched over night. Service and repairs can be done at the factory and accessories or extra equipment fitted to requirements.
We deliver nationwide on our own purpose built vehicles and have stockists and dealers in most areas and overseas.

A company that still cares about individual needs

One of our  standard models fitted with optional equipment to your requirements will likely suit your exact application at a very competitive price, however, Bateson Trailers are a company still able to further adapt our designs within the confines of the European whole vehicle type approval, to manufacture trailers specifically tailored for your application.

Call us to discuss your requirements, we will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable trailer specification  for your needs.