New Sheep Deck System for July 2023

336 Eurostock 2023 see video link (2) Facebook   The new Eurostock 336S for 2023 is now available with folding alloy decks and a full width external deck ramp. The trailer is the optimum size 12′ x 5’8″ to maximise the capacity within 3500kg gross weight. Larger trailers have a greater unladen weight, reduced payload and potential instability if the livestock move to the rear. The width is adequate for cattle to turn inside but not too wide to impede rear visibility or manoeuvrability. The trailer offers the following features: Fully folding decks with no loose parts or gates to fit. Centre divider gate for use with sheep and can be used full height for cattle when required. Rear cross gate incorporating a ramp fort he upper deck and a lower gate enabling the lower section to be filled first and closed whilst the remaining sheep are loaded on to the top deck. Standard aerodynamic front with a hinge down vent flap providing air circulation to both decks. Sliding side vents are positioned high on both decks to avoid them being blocked by animals. The rear deck ramp is raised and lowered manually using a lever at either side. No gas struts, springs or catches to fail. Low profile ramp with no rear protrusions or large feet, allowing it to be used on uneven ground and raised loading platforms often found in markets and abattoirs. Low floor height, low centre of gravity and triple axles for excellent stability when moving livestock. Front inspection doors both sides which can be opened during loading allowing more light and making it more inviting for the stock. They also make it alot easier to pressure wash the trailer from the front. Front storage area with two gates in the bulkhead permitting stock to be driven out without entering the trailer. One piece alloy treadplate roof providing space for bales and light hurdles if required (hooks can be fitted to the sides for hurdles as an option). The decks can be fully deployed and stored within one minute. The front and rear halves can be used independently, half deck and half full height. The sheep divisions can be removed and stored in the front if not required although the maximum pen length for sheep is 10′. Full road lights including outline markers and side reflectors. Interior lamp, heavy duty ribbed jockey wheel, front mounted spare wheel and a lockable coupling. Gross weight 3500kg. Floor size 3600mm x 1700mm Internal height (full width) 1850mm (6′) Clearance under decks 900mm (3′)  
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