Plant Trailers


Heavy duty plant trailers are available in 3 weight ranges, 2 tonne, 2.6 tonne and the maximum permitted weight 3.5 tonne, they are available in 3 body lengths 2.5m, 3m and 3.6m (approx. 8’, 10’ and 12’) and4 widths approx. 4’ 5’, 5’6” and 6’.

Model 20MD is manufactured with the most compact dimensions possible designed to transport 1500kg mini excavators, allowing a minimum gross train weight.

Larger trailers are available with a full ramp door and an extended drawbar with a high bucket carrier for mini diggers (26MD and 35MD) or with removable ramps and partial floors to carry tracked machines up to 2.9 tonnes.

Trailers fitted with a hydraulic tilt and ramp door are designed to provide a low approach angle needed for scissor lifts and similar machines.

Special models are available for attaching fixed plant, generators. pumps, compressors etc. Please let us quote for your requirements and quantities.

All 26 and 35 trailers have 300mm deep 3mm thick solid steel sides and welded tread plate steel mudguards with load securing points. 18mm phenol coated non slip floor, full road lights and outline markers where required, heavy duty jockey wheel and an interchangeable number plate holder. A spare wheel and carrier is an optional extra on all this range in order to reduce the un laden weight and maximise the payload.

13 20MD 01613 20MD 01120MD standard20MD (ramps down)