AT50 Balloon Trailer

AT50 Baloon Trailer 001

Trailer Price (ex. VAT): £4,750

 For the transport and recovery of hot air balloons

Based on our AT50 hydraulic tilt, this trailer has a canopy fitted to the front to store the burners and envelope.There is a seperate trolley onto which the envelope can be loaded, which is then winched into the front with the aid of guide channels set into the floor. The trolley is secured into the front with a spring loaded pole and the winch cable then passes under the trolley to winch the basket on. The winch is supplied at an extra cost depending on what is required

Balloon trailers can be based on any of our standard models, A platform trailer with a headboard and a full width roller across the back has proved to be very popular and economical.

     Trailer specifications
 Trailer weight and capacity (Kg)
 Gross weight  Unladen weight  Capacity
 Overall dimensions (mm)
 Length  Width  Height
Internal dimensions (mm)
 Length  Width  Height Platform Height
 5000  2000  550
 Additional information
 Tyre size  Tow ball height
 195 x 10  450

Canopy 1.8m long x 1.8m high