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35TP Hydraulic Tilt Plant Trailer

£4,750.00 (ex. VAT)

15' x 5' Special 35MD Tilt for Sweeping machines and similar equipment.

This trailer is specially designed to transport sweeping machines, cherry pickers and equipment up to approximately 2.5 tons weight. It is based on our 35TP but has a 15' x 5' body and the axles set back to suit the centre of gravity of the machine. It has a hydraulic tilt and a 4' solid ramp door with support legs to providing a low approach angle, to clear the brushes and pick up trolley during loading. The trailer can be produced with a body length from 3 metres to 5 metres.

(the trailer in the main photo has a 5 metre long body and weighs 3200 kg with the machine empty of water ).

The trailer and load must weigh less than 3500kg, the maximum legal limit.

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195 - 70 x 13