720H Ex Demo Tipping Trailer

72H 004 Trimmed
720h 2720h

Trailer Price (ex. VAT): £1,905 £1,550

7′ x 4′  Unbraked Side Tipping Trailer with double folding ramp

Model 72H is a tipping version of our 720, it is supplied standard with a ramp door and opening mesh extension sides. The trailer tips to the left hand side and not to the rear in order to retain the ramp door,which is very usefull for loading machinery and even pushing a wheelbarrow up.

The trailer is fully road legal with suspension, lights and high speed tyres for the maximum weight of 750kg. Off road it is suitable for use behind quad bikes and small tractors. It is also large enough to carry most quad bikes and ride on mowers.

We consider its most common use to be for stables and landscape maintenance, although we are sure that there are few people who could not find a use for one.


     Trailer specifications
 Trailer weight and capacity (Kg)
 Gross weight  Unladen weight  Capacity
 750  338  412
 Overall dimensions (mm)
 Length  Width  Height
 3150  1390
720h 2720h